Every person is born with certain aptitude and ability to regulate potential, outcomes and achievements in life. When an individual capacity is properly analyzed and figured, then it is possible to assist appropriately. This guide can either be advice through the Numerology and Five Phases on how/when to act, and enhance individual ability to fulfill potential to its limits or to avoid downfalls.
"We all believe we are special. We all believe we are unique. And we all believe that because we are special and unique, we destined for something". The question is WHAT?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Challenge Cycle

In numerology, the roadblocks faced in life are called challenges. There are three types of Challenges that extend through a person's life.

Outstanding Challenges run through several nine year cycles. It is a major life lesson to embrace and use throughout their life.

Mixed Challenges consists of a variety of different numbers bringing the development that arises from working with multiple energies.

Cipher Challenge, the three divisions (single, double & complete) is a time for experiencing all challenges or no challenges.

As a person masters their nature, a Challenge gives room to draw continually from its variety. A Challenge may create a sense of lacking direction. When a Challenge runs through multiple cycles, the lack of direction can cause difficulties.

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